Posters Proceedings

Tommi Himberg, Klaus Förger and Asaf Bachrach
Four-way mirror game: developing methods to study group coordination

Klaus Förger, Coline Joufflineau and Asaf Bachrach
Kinetic predictors of spectators’ segmentation of a live dance performance

Marvin Bratke, Alexander Grasser and Paul Clemens Bart
Syntax Error – Choreographic Coding

Maurin Donneaud, Cedric Honnet and Paul Strohmeier
Musical Skin: Fabric Interface for Expressive Music Control

Ioannis Sidiropoulos
P.A.C. (Performative Auditory Creation)

Simon Schaerlaeken, Donald Glowinski and Didier Grandjean
Measuring Impact of Social Presence Through Gesture Analysis in Musical Performances

Pablo Ventura and Daniel Bisig
Algorithmic Reflections on Choreography


4th International Conference on Movement Computing 28-30 June 2017